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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Social-Lites Disposables are the ideal choice for first time electronic cigarette users. Equivalent to a pack and a half of additional cigarettes. Highly portable and ready to use out of the packet with no assembly and nothing to recharge makes it an excellent travel companion. Our disposables are quick and easy to use, by combining the battery, atomizer and cartridge into one single piece construction.

Disposable E-cig Flavours:

Icy Fresh Menthol

Instantly feel the icy freshness of Social-Lites menthol e-cigs. Our new superior menthol e-cigs will leave your smoking taste buds entirely satisfied, while leaving that icy menthol freshness lingering.

Tobacco Gold

Experience a taste that resembles a high quality European cigarette with the Tobacco Gold flavour! A must try for all tobacco enthusiasts.

Tobacco Red

A richer taste and stronger hit of flavour that it is so similar to smoking a real cigarette you may forget that you are actually vaping! The vapour odour will have you convinced your are about to experience you favourite brand of cigarette, smoky & dark, a real smoking sensation awaits you!

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