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E-Cig Starter Kits

Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit duplicates the feel of a traditional cigarette to give the user an exceptional cig-a-like experience. With better functionality, enhanced performance, and the latest battery technology this kit is the perfect starting point for new users looking to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to Electronic Cigarettes. Take all the hassle out of refilling your carts, its as simple as screwing on the flavoured pre-filled cartridge to the battery to start vaping! (Can also use e-liquid with optional extras - Empty Refillable Cartridges, Premium Tanks & 1ml Tank)

Advanced Starter Kit

The Advanced E-Cig Starter Kit is the ideal product if you are interested in trying something with more power. It comes with a 650 mah battery and clearomiser tank which allows you to use Social-Lites E-Liquids. The variable voltage settings allows you to customise the throat hit, vapour production and e-liquid flavour to suit your needs! This kit is a perfect beginners kit and great introduction into using e-liquids.

Mini Sub Ohm Kit

Sub Ohm vaping will provide a stronger throat hit, more flavour and more vapour than regular vaping. Sub Ohm is basically the term used when the coil is under 1 ohm. For this kit we use a 0.5 ohm coil. It also comes with a 50 watt - 1500 mah battery. This is a great kit to start your sub-ohm vaping experience.

Monster Max Mod

The Monster Max Kit comes with a 2200 mah battery and a bigger sub ohm tank. It also has variable voltage and variable wattage so you are able to fully customise your sub-ohm vaping experience. This is recommended for experienced users only.

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