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E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 1955 Reviews

Very smooth by Eden on 06/22/2017

These Premium Tanks are great as they fit in the Premium Kit Case They are very smooth and you can see how much E- liquid you have left in it. However you don't get much of a throat hit from them as you from using the Refillable Cartomisers

Perfect for this style by denise on 06/22/2017

I have to say it hasn't had as much power as my other batteries but I'm still very happy with it's own lifetime of working without a problem over the past year that I have had it working everyday with my others. Very good purchase

Absolutely delightful by denise on 06/22/2017

I have begun a love there's simply no others that compare to this. My only conflict is it doesn't hold enough to last the entire day

Easy by Jayne on 06/22/2017

Easy to use and fill, super handy. Highly recommend these

Amazing! by Nikita on 06/21/2017

Great different flavours and easy to use!

Awesome by Jayne on 06/21/2017

Anyone who likes watermelon flavoured sweets etc this is the right call! So good and there is a lot of liquid in each bottle so worth the money.

Great product awesome company by Jayne on 06/21/2017

I got these as a way to stop smoking as i was finding the actual habit hard to stop. Firstly they are great. Very light weight, makes me feel i'm smoking and pretty easy to use. Now the company itself. So professional and helpful, these are the type of companies you go back to and have no issues parting with money too. Great product and id highly recommend them

Great long-lasting battery by Vicky on 06/20/2017

This long-lasting battery charges quickly... I'm very happy with it.

It's great by Vicky on 06/20/2017

i'm very happy with this kit... i got a couple of tips from Zack on how to use it and it has great vapour and a long lasting battery.

Fantastic by Tony on 06/20/2017

I love this new tank for the premium battery it's easy to fill and I like being able to see how much liquid you have left.

Great prduct, fits in your Premium Kit case by Eden on 06/19/2017

With the tanks you can see how much E-liquid is used. Dry smooth but not as much throat hit as the refillable Cartomisers

Awesome refillable Cartomisers by Eden on 06/19/2017

I love the empty refillable cartimisers as I can add my own flavour of E-liquid in them and if filled correctly,there are no leakages. Very happy with this product, thanks Socialites.

Awesome Starter kit by Eden on 06/19/2017

Very happy with my kit. I'm using the refillable Cartomisers for my E - liquid No leakages if filled correctly Ange great treat hit

Great way to start vaping by Viv on 06/19/2017

I purchased the Premiun starter Kit and used the refillable Cartomisers no it has been fantastic. Zack at Socilsited suggested what mg nicotine I would need for my E-iquid and what he suggested was spot on. Very happy with the kit and would recommended it to anyone starting to vape

Refillable Cartomisers are great by Eden on 06/19/2017

I love the empty refillable cartimisers as I can add my own flavour of E-liquid in them and if filled correctly,there are no leakages. Very happy with this product, thanks Socialites.

Yummy by Tanya on 06/14/2017

Nice flavour to use in between not using nicotine to help give up smoking let it sit though as it gets stronger flavour

Refillable Cartomisers are awesome by Eden on 06/14/2017

I purchased some refillable Cartomisers to put my E-liquids in and if filled correctly there are no leakages, awesome flavour and I get about a week out of 1 Cartomisers which is awesome value. You don't need much E-liquid in them at all and you can vape all day. Great way to put one of the many great flavours that contain nicotine in them. Great idea, thanks Socialites.

Premium Tank great by Eden on 06/14/2017

I purchased some Premium Tanks to go with my Premium kit. They are great as they fit into the slots in the Slim Holder. Easy to fill with the E-liquid and it is a very smooth draw back but less throat hit. Good vapour, and you can see when you are running out of the E-liquid which is a great advantage. Another great product from Socialites.

Excellent Starter kit by Eden on 06/14/2017

I'm ver happy with my Premium Starter Kit Zac at Socialites advised me what mg E-liquid I should purchase that would be equivalent to what I was smoking and he was spot on. Good throat hit, not too much vapour which I wanted and I am extremely happy with my kit and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get off cigarettes.

Great taste by Debbie-Lee on 06/13/2017

Love it

Social-Lites is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 1955 user reviews.