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E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 1855 Reviews

A great refreshing vape by Toby on 02/23/2017

Very lemon sherbet! Love this flavor, will definitely buy this one again.

Not bad by Toby on 02/23/2017

Very strong "Chico" style chocolate flavor with coffee / nutty undertones.

Easy by Trent on 02/22/2017

Handy little things, at a good price

Handy by Trent on 02/22/2017

Been using these batteries for years, they last forever, well into drop them into tanks.

Really good! by Marc on 02/21/2017

A new experience, and taking a little time to figure out the best watt setting for my needs, but overall a really impressive product. I am using nicotine liquid, so takes care of any cravings I have pronto. Will keep experimenting with different liquids, but glad I took the plunge!

Simple and effective by Toby on 02/14/2017

lasts for a very long time! nice and easy 5 push lock / unlock system.

Great coils by Toby on 02/14/2017

very well made coils that add even more value to the mini sub kit.

Simple but effective by Toby on 02/14/2017

top filling, great size and still holds a decent amount of juice.

Perfect simple starter vape by Toby on 02/14/2017

I got this for my girlfriend to try and coax her into sub ohm vaping, without it being overly complicated and now i cant decide if like this kit better or the monster max i bought for myself. Both are fantastic products

If you are into coffee mocha you will love it by Michelle on 02/13/2017

I thought i would try this flavour - don't hate it - but I think i prefer the more fruit / dessert flavours - it is enjoyable nonetheless but probably as a after dinner vape. I did find that it got sooo much better with steeping, Then you can really taste the coffee and chocolate. If that is what you are looking for, let it steep and I am sure you will love it.

Yummy Yummy by Michelle on 02/13/2017

i got given this a freebie - thanks Sociallites! Was just fantastic.. I got the straight to vape one - just ordering a doubler - nice subtle flavour that gives enough of a taste without being overpowering or sickening - just great! Thanks great flavour!

Highly recommend this kit by Ricky on 02/13/2017

Im a heavy smoker and bought the mini sub ohm kit with the coke 12mg e-liquid and haven't touched a cigarette since I've tried quitting with the tablets patches but the tablets made me really crook but this kit is brilliant highly recommend. It is easy to use the social lites people are amazing to deal with and quick to resolve any issues you might have I've recommend this kit to my friends and family that a smokers

Great ADV!! by Mark on 02/10/2017

Really smooth tobacco blend that vapes all day very easily. Fantastic to come back to after a few hours of hard work. I'm setup on dual 24g 6wraps of kanthal. Sngl 18650 mech. Loving this juice.

Definitely the BEST tank! by Dianne on 02/10/2017

Unbelievable! This is by far the best tank I have tried; even my husband loves it! Not only is it so easy to fill and use, it also gives a great hit. And cost wise it is brilliant. No more mixing flavours, 1 tank per flavour so no compromised taste at all. I will not be using any other tank but these. The only improvement would be to make the Premium case to fit these tanks. Great product Social Lites

Great tank. by Dianne on 02/10/2017

Purchased the tank so my husband had a spare. Worked great as he could alternate his flavours without compromising the taste. Will buy more so he has spares. Easy to fill and clean but take care when removing it from the battery as you can inadvertently unscrew the tank and have e-liquid going everywhere (what a waste that would be!) Great tank.

Long lasting! by Dianne on 02/10/2017

Purchased the Advanced starter kit for my husband and bought an extra battery in the 1300 so no excuse for running out of charge! The adjustable strength is a bonus feature with the battery and enables you to alter the flavour and hit you get. It is not heavy and charges quickly. Even if it only lasts 12 months it is great value at less than $20.

Wow!! by Dianne on 02/10/2017

This starter kit is great. I have tried other ways to start the whole e-cigarettes and vaping and have found this to be the best. It is easy to assemble and fill and the adjustable battery strength is great. Early days yet but I think this is a winner.

great value by mark on 02/10/2017

Fits great lasts a long time

Great coils by Toby on 02/05/2017

Well packaged, these coils are great for the MAX tank.

Holy function! by Toby on 02/05/2017

Great battery guys, love the draw time counter feature as well displaying as number of draws taken. Combined with variable wattage / voltage, this unit is a beast. Very tempted to buy a spare, but with the amount of use you get before having to recharge, I don't see myself needing it any time soon!

Social-Lites is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 1855 user reviews.