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E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 2022 Reviews

Brilliant Product by Carolyn on 10/23/2017

Wow, what an amazing product. So easy to use, so convenient, and no worries about running out of battery with one all ready to go in the charger pack. Very simple system that works. My partner hasn't had a real smoke since his arrived, I am trying to faze out the ciggies a day at a time, replacing them with puffing on my ecig. Great flavour eliquids and nicotine flavours too. not to mention speedy deliver, would highly recommend!!!

Love It by Lynton on 10/22/2017

Love the coconut after-taste.

Refreshing by Cuemilius on 10/21/2017

My new favourite. Nice and smooth, not too sweet, a good change from the tobacco flavours if you want to try something new.

Great affordable product by amber on 10/17/2017

Love love love this tank you get great flavour and it's really smooth and easy to use it's one of the best ones I've owned

Great product for beginners and advanced vapors by amber on 10/17/2017

Love this product easy to fill great price easy to use and Coils are quility items for there really affordable price best epen I've used and love that you can change the volts quickly

Amazing value and it's great by Jay on 10/11/2017

Got it last Friday and what can I say .. one of my friends has ordered as well ... The starter kit is amazing

Great Product by Nicole on 10/09/2017

I upgraded from an Endura T20 to this. The flavor is amazing and the clouds are impressive. I'm a very happy vaper :)

great by BigBotPein on 10/05/2017

it was great, i purchased this the other day and it was great

Premium vaping by Conie on 09/27/2017

I was shocked at the quality of this product. Truly a Premium vaping experience. Oh and no leaks

Reliable by Conie on 09/27/2017

Reliable great little batterys

Reliable by Conie on 09/27/2017

Reliable great little batterys

The best kit by far by Dan on 09/27/2017

Vaporesso is the best vape brand by a long shot. You will not regret purchasing this product

Turkish Delight by Ray on 09/25/2017

This one simply reminds me of taking an apple nargileh after a wonderful targine meal. I just did not want to stop. I maxed the smoke (air intake) on my sub and my imagination was immersed in a Turkish Hookah bar.

Beautiful Undertones by Ray on 09/25/2017

Just like smoking a well seasoned pipe, the flavours are so pronounced that combining with a fruit flavour gives you a warm and enticing shisha. So good, I'm going to keep coming back for more of this one.

Great product by Yvonne on 09/23/2017

Really great extension to the premium kit. Sadly because it is glass I dropped mine on the floor and it smashed. Now I need to order a new one but they are out of stock. Prepared to wait however - was really impressed.

Refreshing by Adele on 09/21/2017

Beautiful flavour, love passionfruit

Very good by Garry on 09/19/2017

i recieved my order which was very good and the staff was very helpful

The best in my opinion. by carmine on 09/16/2017

I have now four different vaps from SL, and the Drizzle is by far my best. Easy to carry and easy to hide when I need a quick vap where I'm not supposed too :-)

Exceptional by Adele on 09/08/2017

I have smoked for 50 years and have had some half-hearted attempts to quit, bought many and various 'things' - waste of money. I purchased the fabulous kit last Monday - 5 days ago and have had only 1 'normal' smoke since and it tasted awful. I smoke the menthol and it is such a clean smooth taste compared to tobacco which now tastes dirty somehow. Have recommended it to several friends and to anyone who reads these feedbacks. LOVE 'EM

Best e-cig yet - discreet with no drips!! by Trish on 09/05/2017

I absolutely love this one; the battery lasts at least 8 hours even when I'm doing a chimney impression and apart from swabbing it out with a cotton bud or tissue now and then with the condensation/liquid that is bound to build up in the mouthpiece it's low maintenance and safe to carry in your pocket without leaking!! It produces a lot of vapour but if you inhale gently, hold your breath in for a few second and let it out you can discreetly use it anywhere in public settings! The tank is a good size as is the hand piece - I don't want to go to a kit that's so large it's obvious and so this unit is perfect. I love the colours on the batteries too!! :)

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