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E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 2057 Reviews

fantastic system by owen on 12/06/2017

as a new vaper i think it was just pure luck that my first tank was a veco plus . i have since bought tanks and tired other ppls tanks and they just dont get as good as this. heres why 1 fill from the top (screw top means NO leaks) 2 change the coil from the bottom (very minimal mess) 3 cleaning is a breeze (having a nice clean drip tip is very refreshing) 4 the 510 thread means you can use it on most mods As a new vaper i couldnt ever see myself squanking or dripping. all i want is is a great lung hit, a nice cloud and ease of use no muss , no fuss , vaporesso has nailed it with this tank ! 5 stars

I might just be an ex-smoker now... by Crystal on 12/05/2017

Having struggled with quitting smoking for years, after just a few hours using this premium kit, I feel I'm on the road to finally quitting forever. It could be too early to call, but the panic I usually feel when I run out of cigarettes isn't happening now that I've got my premium kit. I have a good feeling about this. Hopefully my relationship with Social-Lites will be a long and happy one.

Smooth and minty by Crystal on 12/05/2017

These menthol cartridges taste almost exactly like an empty packet of menthol cigarettes smells, which is pretty damn awesome.

Icecool Blueberry by Chris on 11/28/2017

Instead of mixing your menthol with the blueberry, buy this!

Smooth and fresh by Cuemilius on 11/28/2017

Watermelon is so refreshing after using Ry4 for so long, I don't think I'll go back to it! Not overpoweringly sweet either, and my non vaping flatmate says this smells nicer "on the air" than tobacco flavours.

These are wonderful! by a on 11/27/2017

Great product. Looks great and Perfect size.

Good Value by CHERYL on 11/27/2017

This operation is slick and very helpful Great Product - Congratulations

great by Adam on 11/25/2017


Great flavour by Glen on 11/23/2017

My favorite of all the tabaco flavours, can taste the vanilla and caramel, great all day cape.

Smooth easy vape by Glen on 11/23/2017

Enjoyed this blend, found to be easy smooth cape, nice mixed with vanilla and cream.

Overall great product by Aravind on 11/09/2017

Pros - doesnt leak, smooth, flavour is AMAZING and battery lasts a long time. Cons - lack of adjustable air flow causes the e-liquid to finish faster than I expected. Not ideal for a big night out, unless you carry a 10ml bottle of e-liquid with you. Also, would prefer to have an accessory to change the mouth piece to a smaller size (just my preference). Would still recommend this product. :)

Not my cup of tea!! by Aravind on 11/09/2017

This product is great to start with but eventually started to annoy me as I was not able to monitor e-liquid level. Moved to 1ml clearomizer tank now since Premium tanks are out of stock.

Great product. Love it!! by Aravind on 11/09/2017

Love this product. Way better than Empty Refillable Cartomisers. Pros - Air flow is smooth, doesn't leak, holds more than refillable cartomisers and best of all can monitor e-liquid level. Cons - No alternate Premium case is available to fit these tanks in. Pretty sure case will still be smaller than smart phones. ;)

Brilliant! by Matthew on 11/09/2017

Excellent flavouring, nice alternative to the harshness of tobacco flavouring.

Blog on every side emergence by Brianpiple on 11/07/2017

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The best in my opinion. by carmine on 11/05/2017

It does the job for me

best menthol liquid by stephen on 11/03/2017

tried black note, liqua, aramax and dekang amongst many and this beats them all do yourself a favour and buy this one and you wont have to spend the hundreds i spent

it was this easy... by Andrew on 11/02/2017

i was heavy smoker a 2 months or so ago,i came across this product and decided to give it a go.In addition i also bought a refillable 1ml tank and got the eliquid with nicotine.It took me a week or so to get used to how to use the ecig (how to puff on it),but once i was use to the vapour i was right.I cut the cigs down to 2 per day in the second week,easy.In the third week i was taking 2 gigs to work as security,but a few days in i didnt need them.I havent had a ciggie since and im loving it,it tastes much nicer also i think.It was that easy for me to give up the cigs and im not going back!I did have some issues with reliability initially,but there customer support team got me back on track with no hassle.This is an extremely good product with a good customer service.Thank Social lites

Excellent by Debbie on 11/01/2017

After 40 odd years of smoking cigarettes this is the best to replace them I’m very happy using this and like the look

Slick by Shiro on 10/30/2017

Love it

Social-Lites is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 2057 user reviews.