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Social-Lites | Clean, Convenient, Cool Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

Welcome to Social-Lites, home to the leading electronic cigarette brand in Australia. Smokers who have realized the risks of smoking tobacco have now found a less harmful alternative with Social-Lites electronic cig starter kits.

With a vast range of options to choose from Social-Lites has the ideal kit for you. Whether you are wanting a beginner’s kit to help replace smoking or an advanced unit to get the most satisfaction out of your vaping experience, we have a kit for you.

You can further customize your vaping experience by choosing e-liquid flavours that complement the premium starter and advanced kits. Explore a wide range of e-juice flavours of tobacco, beverages, cool blends, desserts and fruits to personalize your vaping experience. E-liquid flavours on offer for premium starter kits include tobacco red, tobacco gold, tobacco SL1 and menthol.

Social-Lites Offers You A Lot More than E Cigarettes

Social-Lites is a lot more than a place to buy electronic cigarettes online in Australia. It offers a less harmful alternative to smoking:

  • Affordable prices and new customer offers to generate purposeful cost savings
  • 3-month warranty on all our electronic cigarette kits and accessories.
  • Free shipping across Australia for all orders over $150.
  • Telephone and email support to explain the features of your electronic cigarette kits on 1300-432-447 and


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Big Daddy - Flick The Bean

Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $19.90

Big Daddy - The BJ

Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $19.90


Big Daddy - The Cream Pie

Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $19.90

Big Daddy - Flick The Bean

Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $19.90

Big Daddy - The Rimmy

Regular Price: $24.90

Special Price $19.90

E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 1573 Reviews

Tastes great!!!! by Nicole on 07/16/2018

This tastes just like the lollies with the same name..

Yummy Flavour by Nicole on 07/16/2018

This tastes just like a popular breakfast cereal..

Great value by Nicole on 07/16/2018

Love the flavour of this amazing juice..

Excellent Starter by Ray on 07/09/2018

Strong design, dropped mine a dozen times and still works, has high power abilities

Social-Lites is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 1573 user reviews.

E-Cigarettes from Social-Lites provide a less harmful experience

Social-Lites empathizes with smokers and understands the importance of replicating the experience of smoking with less health risks. Constituting a battery charging slot, full e-cigarette slot, micro USB charger and 3 attachment slots-cartridges or premium tanks, our premium starter kit offers “plug and play” solutions to relieve you off the craving for smoking. All electronic cig kits have replaceable accessories that are readily available and accessible on Social-Lites, in order to ensure that you only move forward and away from traditional cigarette smoking.

Begin the transformation with an electronic cig starter kit from Social-Lites. If you have experienced the struggles of giving up smoking and want to switch to a less harmful option, then we are here to help. It has been proven by Public Health England that by switching to electronic cigarettes it is 95% less harmful than smoking! We take your questions on 1300-432-447 and to explain the features of our full range of electronic cigarette kits. Any questions or problems we are happy to help