Improved Battery Life

Are you one of those who are often found criticising and whining about the e-cig battery? Well, undoubtedly, e-cigarettes provide a pleasurable experience, but battery limitations at times hinder the fun. This is perhaps why people look out for battery life as one of the key factors in the selecting an E-Cig.

After moving away from disposable batteries, E-Cigs now comprise lithium-ion polymer batteries. Though these useful batteries are rechargeable, their battery life eventually gets exhausted with batteries lasting for nearly 300 charging cycles.

But that’s not the end! You can take care of the battery life from your end by following a few handy tips that would make sure that your e-cig battery runs for the maximum length of time.

Make Regular Use of the E-cigarette

Users can extend their e-cigarette battery life by vaping frequently. The e-cig batteries thrive from regular use as the more they perform, the easier is the power flow across the battery cells. The lithium-ion batteries employed in e-cigs are built for everyday use. Though it is not essential to use your e-cigarette every day, it should not be left unused for an extended period as it affects the performance of the battery.

The duration for which the battery charge would last is uncertain. It is dependent on various factors including the quality of the battery, the capacity of the battery in mAh, outdoor temperature and power and duration of vaping.

Don’t Drain Your Battery Fully

Your battery life can be enhanced considerably if you know when you need to charge it. It is comparatively tough to charge a fully drained battery as it requires twice the amount of power and time to recharge as compared to a battery which is not fully drained. For this reason, many vapers maintain a rotation of batteries on standby for the E-Cigarette.

Do not wait for the battery to get fully drained before plugging it on to a charger as this will definitely reduce its life. Many manufacturers suggest recharging your e-cig at about 40-50% battery life, not allowing it to drain below that.

Your e-cig battery can be compared to a train. It’s much simpler for a slow-moving train to pace up than for a stationary train to begin moving initially. Similarly, it’s much easier for a partially functioning battery to be recharged than it is for a totally dead battery.

While you can definitely drain the battery completely for maximum use, the batteries would require replacement more often. They should still sustain nearly 500 charge and discharge cycles with general use.

Unscrew The Cartomizer When Not In Use

It is advisable to disconnect your cartomizer when you’re not vaping for over 24 hours. When the cartomizer containing the heating element and e-liquid is attached to the battery, it is constantly draining a slight amount of juice even though when you’re not vaping. Disconnecting the cartomizer from the battery increases the time between charges, thereby increasing the number of recharges you can perform, thus interfering with the battery life.

 Keep Your Battery Clean

You should keep the contacts between the battery and the cartomizer clean to extend the battery life. Your cartomizer can sometimes leak liquid, dirt that will gather inside the threads. The dirt from your finger can get lodged on and within your e-cigarette. They can cause problems even in little amounts. Liquid between the connecting portions of your battery and cartomizer can stop them from establishing a proper connection and delivering current to the cartomizer from the battery, or dirt can lodge between the air holes, making it much difficult to intake air through your e-cig, and occasionally even stopping its functioning completely. It is highly recommended to use a cotton swab, q-tip or alcohol pad to sponge down the threads and contacts where your cartomizer and battery are fastened together.

 Keep Spare Batteries

Depending on your amount of vaping, you may consider keeping some additional batteries in hand. If you encounter trouble in retaining your e-cig battery charge over half of its capacity, you could gain from utilizing a spare which you keep completely charged while you wait for your main battery to recharge again over the 50% mark.

A wide collection of e-cig batteries like Premium Battery, E-Liquid Battery, Advanced Starter Kit Battery, from Social-Lites are available readily which will provide you continuous power improved taste, increased vapour and extended usage, enabling you to vape the whole day.

Some replacement batteries come with the variable voltage options and are ideal for those heavy or sub-ohm & cloud chasing. The accessories for vaping batteries include e-cigarette charging case and charger cords for you to safely stack your additional batteries when unused and charge some types on the go. The warranty specifications of the replacement e-cig batteries rest on the manufacturer and battery design, so examine those details before buying.

Don’t wait for your battery to run out. Ensure that you’re ready with a backup battery. An additional battery prevents from being stranded without an e-cigarette due to the charging of your sole battery.

Keep Your E-cigarette Battery Fully Charged

In order to fetch the best vaping experience, it is essential to keep your ecig battery fully charged. The premium kit comes with an e-cigarette charging case which you have to charge prior to charging your e-cigarette. It also contains an indicator showing the fullest levels of the internal battery in the case. After a complete charge of the battery case, the e-cig battery can be charged by just pushing the battery into the charge slot. It will then detect the charging level of your battery. If it is not fully charged it will begin to charge the batteries on the go.

The e-cig battery charger gives you many options to select from. The USB chargers for e-cigs are best for vapers who relish it at home or in the workplace. No hassles just take your battery and tighten it into the charger and plug into your device’s USB outlet. Red light indicates charging of your battery and after completion, the red light turns blue or green.

Last but not the least; you should unplug batteries after charging to save it from overcharging as this is expected to shorten its life span. Though it may seem convenient to leave the batteries overnight but it is not recommended.

To sum up, e-cigarettes are an enjoyable and fulfilling substitute to other types of nicotine smoking. Yes, battery life can be a troublesome for a few but the proper handling of batteries in accordance with the above mentioned tips would surely help you in fetching the best out of your device.