You don’t have to be a smoker to know about the harmful effects of smoking cigarette and other forms of tobacco. Tobacco is one of the leading killers around the world after heart disease and obesity related illness. Prolonged smoking of cigarettes can lead to a large range of respiratory problems and other health issues.

Not only are cigarettes harmful to your health, they can also put a heavy dent in your wallet if you are a regular smoker. But thankfully, there is a smoking alternative which is not only more affordable when compared to traditional cigarettes but also has a minimal effect on your health.

These include non-smoke methods like nicotine patches or gum. But we are going to talk about an option that produces less smoke while also making you feel like smoking a cigarette. Yes, we are talking about the new hip thing to do- Vaping. Not only is vaping affordable and better for your health than smoking, it is also the first and easiest step towards quitting smoking.

What is vaping?

Now before we get into the comparison between smoking and vaping, it is important to learn what vaping really means. When you are vaping, you are exhaling and inhaling smoke produced by an e-cigarette. Most vaping devices come with a vaporizer or the smoking piece and vaping fluid which is used to generate the smoke.

The vaper can slowly bring down the level of nicotine using vaping, similar to using nicotine gum or patches. Vaping has allowed a large number of people bring down their dependence on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Vaping is also considered to be up to 95 times less harmful to the body when compared to cigarettes. Vaping allows you to ingest nicotine without the tar and other dangerous chemicals associated with a traditional cigarette. It does so by heating the e-liquid in the device and vaporizing rather than burning it.

How cheap is vaping when compared to traditional smoking?

We have been talking about how much better vaping is when compared to smoking cigarettes. It is being widely used today by people as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and to help them bring down their dependency on it. Vaping is also considered as a more affordable and cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes. But let us see how much difference you can make by switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

Consider an average smoker who smokes a packet of 20 cigarettes a day. And considering the average rate of a dollar per stick, a person spends about 7300 AUD every year on cigarettes. Also, the cigarettes and other tobacco products have 12.5 percent taxes that can increase every year, making it more costly and less affordable to you.

The cost of vaping depends on many factors. First and for most, it is dependent on the model and company of the vaping device that you are using. There are many models and varieties of vapes available in the market for a wide range of price. There are models costing less than 30 AUD to thousands of AUD depending on the quality and the build of the device.

But most people begin vaping with simple and refillable second generation devices. They can cost from up to 30 to 40 AUD. It is always good to carry around a spare vape in the case of need. Even then the combined cost of the vaping device is under 60 AUD.

As we have said before, vaping devices work by heating the nicotine liquid till it gets converted to vapor. This is done with the help of a coil or heating element. These coils need to be replaced at regular intervals of a couple of weeks or so. They cost a meager 2-3 AUD on average and will only cost you a maximum of 80 AUD every year.

The most important part of the vaping device is the nicotine liquid or e-juice that it uses. It is this liquid that provides the nicotine. The amount of money that you will be spending on nicotine e-juice is directly dependent on the number of times that you vape. As per the Australian laws nicotine e-juice cannot be manufactured withing the country but they can be ordered from abroad using our international website, which has express delivery options.

In Australia, a bottle of 30ml of e-juice costs even less than 10 AUD. Considering that an average user uses up to 4ml of e-juice a day, the person will smoke through 1460ml of e-juice or nearly 50 bottles in a year. This means that the person will spend nearly a thousand dollars every year for their e-juice needs.


As we have seen, a heavy smoker can spend as much as 7300 AUD every year on cigarettes whereas an average vaper will spend a maximum of 1200 AUD a year, including all the maintenance and refills. As you can easily make out, vaping is more than 6 times cheaper when compared to traditional cigarettes.

And like we have mentioned earlier, cigarettes and tobacco are subject to many taxes and these keep on increasing with time. This makes changing from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes not only the healthier but also the more cost-effective option in the long run.


No smoker needs to be told about the harmful effects of smoking. Not only is smoking harmful to you, it also has an adverse effect on the people around you. Passive smoking is also a leading reason for lung and respiratory problem in households with heavy and regular smokers.

Many of us consider smoking to be an unstoppable addiction. But this is far from true. With proper awareness and help, it is possible to escape the clutches of cigarettes, and vaping is a popular and affordable option for this.

This article was written with the hope that you are already aware of the harmful effects of smoking. If you are still looking for more reasons to quit smoking cigarettes or at least bring it down, the amount of money you are wasting on it should be more than enough. It is important to stop smoking to ensure a safe and secure future for you and your loved ones.

The best way to stop smoking is not to smoke at the first place. The next best way is with vaping devices. We hope that this article has helped you understand not only the financial burdens of smoking traditional cigarettes but also some of the many harmful health effects associated with it.