If you have just switched from traditional smoking to e-cigs, or you have been vaping from quite some time and want to fetch more pleasure, the best way to do this is by producing bigger vape clouds.

All you need to do is make some amendments to your vaporizer and in your vaping style. Let us help you with improving your vaping cloud.

  1. Increasing the wattage

One of the best ways to get a better and improved cloud is to increase the wattage of the vaporizer. This will vaporize more liquid and therfore produce more cloud.

However, it is all in your control to decide how you want to heat the coil. It is important to mention here that if you heat your coil too much, there is a possibility that your coils might get damaged which is a rather unpleasant situation. So, it is best to increase the wattage under controlled conditions to get more cloud production.

  1. Change your e-liquid

If your e-cig does not produce a decent cloud, then you should consider changing your e juice. Generally, the e-juice consists of three major ingredients- PG, VG, and nicotine.

If you are opting for regular vaping, a stable combination of PG and VG is essential. However, if you want to produce vaping clouds, you would need a fluid with a higher VG content. In fact, you can take it little further and go for a fluid that has max VG with no PG. But, for that, you would need a larger coil to be able to handle the thicker VG liquid.

  1. Choose a better atomizer

Changing the atomizer could also help you in getting a better cloud for your e-cig. For this purpose, it is best to opt for a sub-ohm tank for best results. These are especially useful for people who are craving thicker and improved vapour.

However, make sure that you stick to the vaping limits and do not go overboard with it. In this way, a sub-Ohm atomizer assures you a thick vaping cloud with proper safety.

  1. Increasing your airflow

One interesting way to enhance the vaping cloud is to increase the airflow. The logic is simple here.

The higher the air flow to the vaporizer the more vapor it will produce. Thus, it is imperative to use a device that helps you control the air flow. This gives you a thicker vapor as and when required. But there is another aspect to this as well. If you are increasing the air flow, there is a possibility that the air will cool the vapor and it will result in the formation of a cooler cloud. If you are looking for warmer vapor, this might be a problem for you.

Apart from controlling the airflow from the vaporizer, there is another method you could use to increase the airflow to the device. When the central chimney in your vaporizer is big, it tends to increase the airflow to the device. So, it is best to choose a vaporizer that has a bigger chimney. Finally, if you are making use of a wide bore drip tip, you are likely to increase the flow of air to the device.

  1. Changing the vapor inhalation type

You could also change the way you breathe in the vapor when you are looking to get a thicker and richer cloud. There are essentially two kinds of vaping techniques. The first is the mouth to lung vaping and the second is direct to lung vaping technique.

How you vape depends on how you choose to inhale the vapor. Usually, people tend to opt for the first one. However, if your idea is to go for an improved cloud, you could vape and take the vapor directly into the lungs. You would have to be fairly swift with this process such that the air reaches your lungs soon. This could prove to be useful for a thicker cloud.

  1. Changing your coil

We usually tend to ignore the importance of the coil in an attempt to enhance the cloud vapor, but it plays an important role. This is because when the coil is larger, it heats up more. This increases the vapor.

Usually, we use the pre-built coils given on the device. These are single vertical coils and work decently well. But if you are looking to improve the vapor cloud, you should be using a coil that is larger in size and has multiple wires wound around it. This increases the area of the coil and you can thus get a thicker vaping cloud.

  1. Using a vaporizer with a larger deck

Similar to increasing the length of the coil, you can also increase its area. This is done in order to get a larger coil in place and produce a thicker vapor cloud. The larger the deck in the device, the more is the space for the coil and thus there is a higher concentration of vapor creation. 

Thus, for instance, by increasing the space in the deck, if you are able to upgrade your 5 wrap coil to a 10 wrap one, you will be opening the doors for more vapor and a thicker cloud.

  1. Upgrading you vaping kit

You might be using a lighter vaping kit that fails to satisfy your need for a thicker vaping cloud. This is where you will need to update your kit.

For instance, if you are using a beginner’s vaping kit, there might be several limitations that restrict your ability to use a thicker vapor. In fact, when you are looking to improve the cloud, you would need a kit that is a little more advanced than this.

Be it controlling the airflow or having more flexibility with the e-liquid, it is time to get a new e-cigarette kit. A sub-ohm vaping kit or a re-buildable atomizer could solve the purpose here and give you a a larger vaping cloud.

Tips and Tricks to Get Thicker Vaping Cloud

Some tips to keep in mind before vaping a thick cloud:

  • Cloud chasing is quite an advanced form of smoking e-cigarettes. So, if you are opting for this practice, you must be a skilled vaper and experienced smoker yourself. Unless you are comfortable with the product, you must not engage in cloud chasing.
  • Since you are going after improved clouds, your liquid might well be free from nicotine. So, you could practice cloud chasing without getting affected by nicotine.

Your Turn

We hope that the above article would have helped you in fetching the best pleasure from your e-cig. How was your experience? Do write to us in the comments.