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How It Works

Getting Started on your New & Exciting Electronic Cigarette Journey!

The first step is to open up the gift box. Inside your Social-Lites E-Cigarette Starter Kit you will find:

  • • One Social-Lites personal charging case (PCC), which holds five flavoured cartomizers and will charge your premium batteries on the go giving you peace of mind when using your e-cig while out and about!
  • • Two Social-Lites premium batteries
  • • One wall charger & USB Cord
  • • One USB charger
  • • One five-pack of e-cigarette cartridges/cartomizers in the flavour of your choice

Set Up/Initial Use

For optimal performance, fully charge the batteries and Social-Lites pack before using. The PCC (personal charging case) & the premium batteries will come with about 30 to 40% charge in them. Attach a new flavour cartomizer to the battery. Press the E-cig to your lips and inhale. The reddish LED light at the tip glows like a real cigarette to let you know it's working. You will start to feel that warm vapour, as you inhale you will receive that kick in the back of the throat as if you were really smoking, but of course its only vapour with no harmful carcinogens or tar or smoke!

Personal Charging Case (PCC)

Wall Charger

To charge the PCC using the wall charger, plug the charger into the nearest outlet. Connect the large end of the USB cable to the charger and the small end to the bottom of the PCC.

USB Charger

To charge the pack using the USB charger, connect the large end of the cable to the USB port and the small end to the PCC.

Blue LED's

Three blue indicator bars on the side of the PCC reflect the current charge level. During the charging process, the indicator will continually cycle through the bars until charging is complete. When the pack is fully replenished, all 3 lights will stay lit until you have removed from the power source.

Social-Lites Pack as Battery Charger

Unlike its predecessors, The new Social-Lites packs include a No Screw feature that eliminates the need to screw the spare battery into the pack to charge. As long as the battery is in the pack, it's charging.

Three red indicator bars on the side of the pack reflect the current charge level. During the charge process, the indicator will continually cycle through the bars until charging is complete. When the battery is ready for use, the lights will stop cycling.

Store the battery in the charging port until needed. The updated battery management system prevents over-charging and ensures the batteries will always perform at an optimum level.

Replacing Batteries

When the battery is depleted, the reddish LED at the end of the battery will blink 30 times intermittently to signal it is ready to be recharged.

To replace the empty battery, secure the cartridge in one hand and unscrew the battery from the cartomizer.

Grab the fresh battery from your Social-Lites pack and reattach it to the cartomizer. When you're finished, recharge the empty battery by pacing the battery in the Charge port in your pack and closing the lid.

Replacing Cartomizer

On average, each individual cartomizer provides approximately 300 puffs. When the e-cig cartridge no longer produces vapour, you'll know it's time for a replacement.

To replace the cartomizer, hold the battery with one hand and unscrew the cartomizer from the battery.
Take a new cartomizer and screw it onto the battery and you are ready to resume.

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