About Us

Social-Lites is one of the most renowned and reliable electronic cigarette suppliers in Australia. This electronic cigarette store offers a premium range of electronic cigarettes and e cig starter kits in a large assortment of flavours to satiate your taste buds, enhance your smoking experience and bring more enjoyment to your smoking lifestyle. From e-liquid to e-cigarette cartridges, let’s find out what more you get with our range of battery operated electric cigarettes:

Electrically Operated Cigarette

When you smoke an electronic cigarette, a flow sensor is activated in it that releases water vapours. Such vapours contain Natural & Artificial Flavours, VG Glycerin and Citric Acid. Social-Lites revolutionary smoking device enables you to enjoy the best vaping experience than ever before.

Smoking Experience

No stale tobacco odour, no ash and no smoke, our electronic cigarettes use the best ingredients to provide a richer smoking experience.


We currently have a quality selection of electronic cigarette flavours including Tobacco Red, Tobacco Gold, Tobacco SL1, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Coffee Latte, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps.


An electronic cig truly brings a more stylish and independent smoking lifestyle. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are not banned at public places (under consent of owners). If you are looking for an alternative way to smoke then you should explore our cheap electronic cigarettes.


Social-Lites are the result of extensive research & development supported by a huge investment in design and testing to ensure our electronic smoking devices are of the highest standards and deliver the most authentic and luxury smoking sensation possible.

Laws Regarding Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

In Australia electronic cigarettes are legal and available for sale, however we can not import nicotine e-liquid for resale that contain nicotine by law - a crazy law when traditional cigarettes are being sold! It seems that laws are likely to keep changing in Australia, so please keep your eyes on this site for developments.
The Health Department (TSG) categorises nicotine as a poison (the exception to this is when it's used as a replacement drug for those trying to give up cigarettes... Which is exactly what E cigarettes are – replacements for those trying to give up.
Currently the law states that e cigarettes such as Social-lites are fine to be imported into the country and there is even the welcoming news that the government are doing therapeutic tests on the e cigarettes.
It is important to note that we do not currently sell nicotine-based fluids in Australia or have nicotine based liquids in our kits due to Australian regulations. All e-cig fluids we sell are 0mg e-liquids in Australia. Most people find that using 0mg e-liquids is all they need as existing smokers are using the device to kick the habit, not extend it.
If you require nicotine you can get this from our International website www.sociallites.com/p>
Contact Us: 1300-4-ECIGS (32447)
For more information on the future of nicotine click here.
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