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E-Cigarette Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 1576 Reviews

Vaporesso coils are the best by Conie on 08/26/2018

Vaporesso range of products have never ever disappointed me. No less with the coils great flavor and awesome clouds!! I only purchase Vaporesso products the quality is insane

Great for beginners by Heather on 08/02/2018

This is my first attempt at vaping and I found this e-cig to be great value and easy to use. I can’t compare it to anything else yet, but if you’re a beginner like me then this is a great way to start!

Great unit by Margaret on 07/26/2018

I'm loving the drizzle easy to use a good sized tank compact my only problem is the mouth tip gets very hot whilst I'm using it any advice gratefully received otherwise fantastic

Tastes great!!!! by Nicole on 07/16/2018

This tastes just like the lollies with the same name..

Yummy Flavour by Nicole on 07/16/2018

This tastes just like a popular breakfast cereal..

Great value by Nicole on 07/16/2018

Love the flavour of this amazing juice..

Excellent Starter by Ray on 07/09/2018

Strong design, dropped mine a dozen times and still works, has high power abilities

Sturdy and reliable by Nicole on 06/28/2018

This ultra sleek unit is simply one of the best kits on the market.. Ive used one of these now for my daily mod box for many months, it has not missed a beat..

Sturdy and reliable by Nicole on 06/28/2018

This is my travel unit that lives in my car, its compact, light and very reliable..

Eye catching colours by Nicole on 06/28/2018

These units are by far one of the best looking units Ive seen,, O, they also work AMAZINGLY!!!

Value for money by Nicole on 06/28/2018

I love using this kit at home when Im relaxing in my home theatre.. produces a great cloud and amazing flavour

Sturdy and reliable by Nicole on 06/28/2018

One of the most sturdy kits Ive used, great value for money, easy to use and reliable..

Great Value for 250ml by aaron on 06/26/2018

My girl bought me a bunch of eliquids from here to help me quit smoking & this is by far one of my top 3 & the flavor is great & so is the price $20 for 250ml you can't go wrong with this one! Worth every cent!

Love It by aaron on 06/26/2018

Tried this for the first time at my friebds place today & added my own nicotine & bingo no more filthy cigarettes I love the ice hit & the flavor is awesome this site has some great flavors & this product is proof of that

Best Menthol! by aaron on 06/26/2018

I have tried many different types of menthol e-liquids but this is my favorite non nicotine one & just add my own at home :) great product worth trying if you havnt already

Easy! by Sean on 06/24/2018

First time using refillable carts, was very easy to use! Just pop the plug off and carefully drip in some of your favourite e-juice and pop the plug back on, screw it onto the battery and you're good to go!

Value for money by Nicole on 06/21/2018

Great value, great taste, great service.. I wish I could rate Social lites more stars than 5..

Great money saver right here by Nicole on 06/21/2018

This is a great idea to save your glass tanks from breaking with drop damages..

Yummy!!! by Nicole on 06/21/2018

This Bubblegum flavour is my "go to" E-Juice for my eveyrday vaping, it has a clean fresh sweet taste.

great product by Helen on 06/20/2018

Great product, reasonable price and so easy to use

Social-Lites is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 1576 user reviews.

E-Cigarettes from Social-Lites provide a less harmful experience

Social-Lites empathizes with smokers and understands the importance of replicating the experience of smoking with less health risks. Constituting a battery charging slot, full e-cigarette slot, micro USB charger and 3 attachment slots-cartridges or premium tanks, our premium starter kit offers “plug and play” solutions to relieve you off the craving for smoking. All electronic cig kits have replaceable accessories that are readily available and accessible on Social-Lites, in order to ensure that you only move forward and away from traditional cigarette smoking.

Begin the transformation with an electronic cig starter kit from Social-Lites. If you have experienced the struggles of giving up smoking and want to switch to a less harmful option, then we are here to help. It has been proven by Public Health England that by switching to electronic cigarettes it is 95% less harmful than smoking! We take your questions on 1300-432-447 and support@sociallites.com.au to explain the features of our full range of electronic cigarette kits. Any questions or problems we are happy to help