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Social-Lites | Clean, Convenient, Cool Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

Welcome to the home page of Social-Lites, one of the hottest brands of electronic cigarettes in Australia today. Ex-smokers love Social-Lites for their authentic tobacco-like taste and feel, and of course because they're e cigs. Whether you are looking for a cig-a-like to quick smoking, a beginners vaping kit, sub ohm kit or MOD device we have something to suit your needs.

We also supply a vast range of e-liquid flavours that can be made to your required base mixture and strength. Due to the current Australian Law we are not able to sell nicotine within Australia. However please refer to our nicotine section on how you can import nicotine e-liquid from outside of Australia.

We're confident that we've got the best electronic cigarettes in Australia! To back up our claim, we offer:

30 day money back guarantee
One year warranty
Free express shipping Australia-wide for all orders over $150
Quick customer support on 1300 4 ECIGS (1300 432 447) or via

Experience the Ultimate E-Cigarettes

Premium Starter Kit
We are pleased to announce the launch of Social-Lites NEW Electronic Cigarettes. You will not fine a better electronic cigarette in Australia. Quality, Style and the most authentic sensation demonstrates that Social-Lites E-Cigs are the perfect choice to begin your E-Cigarette experience.

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E-Cigarette Flavour Cartomizer / E-Liquids - Nicotine NOW Available!

Cartridges and E-Liquid
Social-Lites offers a wide variety of flavours using the finest ingredients from Europe & the U.S.A following our strict manufacturing standards. With more flavour and vapour than ever before our premium e-liquid will make you completely satisfied. Make sure you find your favourite flavour today!

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Amazing E-Cigs!

"Since I have switched to your electronic cigarettes I have now completely stopped my regular cigarette consumption, it wasn't a instant success but over time I slowly began looking more for my e-cig than the additional ones. It has now been 6 months and haven't had a cigarette in 3! Keep up the great work! Cheers"

Stylish and Practical

"I have been smoking for almost 40 years. I'm not an excessively heavy smoker but I am now a proud Grandma and would love to quit for good and this product is just the thing to do it with. I read all the reviews and was very impressed so I bought the starter kit and am equally impressed with the quality and taste. I have only had the kit for 1 week but I have already cut back to 5 smokes a day and am sure that in a couple more weeks this will be zero. Being from a small town I have passed on the word and so far have signed up 1 new customer but I am sure there are more to come!!! An amazing product has no side effects and doesn't cost a fortune. Thank you."

WOW! Really Impressed!

"I am extremely impressed at the quality of this product. I had tried a different brand before and it doesn't even compare to Social-Lites! This has a very large quantity of 'smoke' or vapor it really does feel like I am having a real cigarette and I have to say the taste is really pleasant! I love the taste. I believe I can definitely quit smoking with these electronic cigarettes, I love them!"